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A Mote Of Dust

Self-Installation: MatrixAir systems come with all installation hardware included. Many can be easily installed by the end user. Sized-to-fit: Nineteen products to suit a small office, a whole house, an industrial installation and everything in-between.

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Proven highly effective: Removes a wide variety of indoor pollutants, chemicals, biohazards and contaminants listed below:. Clean, safe, quiet Removes smoke, dust, mold spores, dust mites, viruses, pollen, chemicals, odors and more The three-phase filter is at the heart of every MatrixAir system, from the SuperSlim office air cleaner to our industrial-strength Interceptor a safe, flexible and highly effective approach to cleaner indoor air.

Phase 1 — Polyester Pre-filter First line of defense. Phase 3 — HEPA Filter Removes micro-particles such as smoke, dust mites, spores, mold, spray paint, ashes, even most viruses! Safe, easy maintenance: Filter changes are easy and environmentally friendly Efficient to run: Cost-effective filter changes for very low operating costs.

Adaptable to new or existing systems: Many MatrixAir systems can be easily installed in new or existing systems using standard components Self-Installation: MatrixAir systems come with all installation hardware included.

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A geochemist’s simple tricks to reduce dust in your home

Search for: Search. The most effective way to minimize dust is to tackle it at its source.

While you can noticeably reduce the amount of grime, dirt, soil and filth that originates from these sources, dust will still be very difficult to completely eliminate. Dust is matter that consists of various fine particles of assorted ingredients. It is classified as a solid particle that is formed by the reduction of a larger particle: indoor and outdoor debris, soot and ashes, food crumbs, dander and skin flakes, mold and mold spores, dust mites and their debris, insect particles, household fibers, lint, hair and fur, and pollen.

Dust Mites: Everything You Might Not Want To Know!!!

Large particles over 10 microns will settle onto surfaces very rapidly, often within just a few seconds. Because of the faster rate of fall, this type of dust is nearly impossible to be filtered by your HVAC air filter as it will rarely have a chance to be pulled into the duct-work by your return air vents. Some particles are so fine that they function like gases and have no rate of fall whatsoever. Small particles in the range of 1.

Dust is annoying, but it is also key to life and death in the cosmos

Particles in this size range will make up the majority of those that are able to be collected by your furnace filter or AC filter. Dust and other airborne particulate matter can cause these symptoms in those that have a sensitivity or allergy to the type of particle being inhaled. Some allergens, such as soot, ash, lint and pollen, are proven to cause reactive symptoms even when there is no known allergy to that substance. Contaminants and allergens can trigger these reactions in non-allergic individuals simply because they are classified as irritants.

This irritation or onset of symptoms will arise when the particles are inhaled. Our respiratory tract allows entry of these particles to different levels based on the size of the particle. The levels can be divided into three areas:.