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Does this make sense to you or anyone else who may eventually read this?

3 Responses to “Just Deserts vs. Just Desserts”

All the same, speech vs. I would look askance at the original or the playful use in anything but humorous writing. If I saw it in a document I was editing, I would replace it with something more exact. Than vs. Realise vs.

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Favorite vs. Comments Orlando Harrison says. November 2, at pm. Bella says.

Trump gets his poetically just deserts: Jill Lawrence

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Getting his just desserts (Video by Weebl)

My, My, My, you certainly are an ass and rather ill-informed one at that. Homer Simpson says. I haven't heard that wordplay in Spanish. But there is the expression 'Tomar de su propio chocolate' that means to give somebody a dose of their own medicine.

just deserts

That expression suddenly came to me when I read your post and began thinking about desserts and getting what one deserves. Thanks for your interest. I was pretty sure the play didn't work in Spanish, but wanted to ask. Otra vez, mil gracias por sus respuestas! JoeK: Absolutamente.

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For clarification: "Just desserts" is incorrect. It's "just deserts. But since it's pronounced like desserts, the wordplay is still possible in English. There are hundreds of bakeries and sweet shops called "Just Desserts".

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