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O-Soto-Gari (Major Outer Reap)

Also known as major or large outer reap, it requires quick timing and manipulation. It is an excellent way to crush the opponent if your center of gravity is lower. Make sure you step forward, place your right leg behind uke and rotate it counterclockwise extremely quickly, or you will get countered by osoto gaeshi.

Learn 6 Wrestling Takedowns & Judo Throws Drill 4 Grappling MMA Jiu-jitsu Takedown Throw!

Curious to find out more about this particular move? Kesa gatame is one of the mat holds, also known as side control hold. This is the first thing you should learn in the ground fighting. Kesa gatame is the easiest way to win your opponent if you are able to maintain this position for 20 seconds.

If your opponent ends up on his back, you will win the fight in a very attractive way. The throw is mostly used if your opponent is a lot smaller than you. It is also very effective against a smaller opponent. Place your hip under his hip or you can get countered easily. Also known as great inner reap , this throw is an easy way to take your opponent down and control him on the ground.

The technique looks difficult at first sight, but it is very effective if your opponent is taller. Perform a side step towards your opponent quickly and place your right leg behind his left leg, pulling him down. You can replace reaping motion with hooking motion, but be aware you can easily get countered via ashi barai if an opponent anticipates you. Remember that practice makes perfect. Even Yasuhiro Yamashita was a beginner once, but his persistence led him to the record of contentious victories.

Osoto Gari

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About the author Robert Sterling. Robert is a writer and a martial artist. He has a competitive background in karate, Judo as well as MMA. He has also had the privilege of being exposed to a number of other martial arts disciplines.

Writing is something that Robert has been pursuing for the past couple of years. Hungry for more stories?

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Still searching for that perfect trip? Get weekly inspiration delivered right to your inbox! Your email address. Sign up for our newsletter Don't miss our special promotions, exclusive offers, new destinations and inspirational stories! Any questions I had he was happy to answer. I was able to fill out a waiver for me and my son online before even showing up for my first class. Before my first class had even started just about every member that showed up that night introduced themselves to me.

Right away I knew this gym has a great culture. The class started on time and was very well structured and still is.

What can No Gi Judo Do for Your Game?

I noticed Professor Dennis had a clipboard with the lesson plan with him which I think is great. Really showed there is thorough planning being done for every class. He wasn't just winging it based on how he felt that day. At first it seemed a little faster paced than I was used to at previous Jiu-Jitsu gyms I have train at in Hawaii and here in Bend. But ALL questions were welcomed and encouraged which made it easier for me to get on the same page as the rest of the class for the warm ups. Same goes for the techniques taught during the class.

Judo Throws: Which One Work For BJJ & Which Ones Might Cause Problems - On The Mat

If I didn't understand something is all I had to do was ask and Professor Dennis would break it down for me. Every class since then I still get the impression that he has a passion for teaching Jiu-Jitsu. He teaches Jiu-Jitsu in a way that teaches you the sport, the art, and the self defense perspectives. He truly wants his sutdents to learn Jiu-Jitsu and not just pay a membership fee.

After leaving the Marine Corps and my gym in Hawaii, I was having a hard time finding the brotherhood I once had. I found that here a [at] Connection Rio. I found my second family, my second home. It is more tha a team environment there.

List of judo techniques

It truly is like a family here. It is a clean, safe, family friendly environment with very reasonable monthly membership fees. The kids class is awesome with appropriate level of discipline so the kids can learn but still have fun. They started offering Judo as well taught by Judo brown belt Sam Perry. He is a great instructor that really helps you understand the purpose and intent of the techniques and how to safely perform them.

I look forward to every class. If you're on the fence about trying a class I say do it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I suppose this is a good opportunity to thank Professor Dennis and his students for the great gym culture that has been established and maintained all of my experiences and interractions there. They have all been positive. It's true what they say here. They don't just train jiu jitsu, they live it. Hope to see you on the mats. Dennis is an amazing teacher and a great friend. His work ethic and training methods are something that helped build me into the person that I am today.

I wish I lived closer so that I could train regularly with Dennis. I am down in Sunriver for an annual family vacation and wanted to do some training.

I found Connection Rio Academy about 15mi from Sunriver , emailed Professor Dennis, and he quickly replied, welcoming me to come visit! This is huge for a visiting athlete. As a brown belt, I always feel like there's a target on my back everyone wants to use upper belts as a litmus test to see where they stand but I DID NOT get that impression at Connection Rio. Ty, one of the assistant coaches, helped me and Steven a purple belt visiting from the Bay Area keep up on warm ups. Every gym has a slightly different set of warm ups, so Steve and I were a little lost, but again, Ty stepped up and made sure we were taken care of while Professor Dennis took care of the rest of the class -- EXCELLENT teamwork and coaching displayed there.

Can't say enough good things about my experience with the gym, the instructors, and the students. Training under black belt Professor Dennis Asche. Great classes for beginners or the more experienced, and for both women and men. Love this gym. I feel thankful and grateful to be apart of the culture that Professor Dennis Asche has created.