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US court brands whale activists Sea Shepherd 'pirates' - BBC News

We identify these Orcas all on visuals and photographs that we compare to our Transient Killer Whale catalog. This is what makes our job fun and exciting, we even saw Harbor Seals hopped up on rocks peaking above the water to keep as much distance between them and the Killer Whales as possible.

A Pirate Ship entering our waters! Thanks Captain Erick for that fun fact! The majority opinion of the three-judge panel continues an earlier injunction ordering. It's a win in a continuing legal battle waged by the plaintiffs, which are led by the.

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But the opinion isn't shutting down Sea Shepherd, which continued clashes this week off Antarctica, claiming whalers rammed one of its vessels and deployed stun grenades and a water cannon. Scott West, a Sea Shepherd spokesman, said that to comply with the appeals court's earlier injunction, the U. Gavin Carter, an institute spokesman in Washington, D.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

The appeals court judges said their opinion should be taken not as an endorsement of whaling but as a signal that "violent vigilantism by U. Judge Jones, a former prosecutor who is a half brother of musician Quincy Jones, has been presiding in Seattle in the case. The Cetacean Institute appealed Jones' decisions to dismiss its piracy claims and to deny the foundation's request for an injunction against Sea Shepherd. Stand back and watch the drama unfold as Captains Randy and Nate navigate the Sarah Mead into the Harbor to help thwart the British attack on our coastal town.

Will lawlessness or virtue prevail?

The Pirates DVD Trailer (2015) - Seok-hoon Lee Movie HD

See for yourself as the battle unfolds in front of the public landing in Whale Park. Join Captain Crudbeard, master gunner through the authentic drill of the Royal Navy of the s. Go through the drill and even fire the gun!

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  4. Happening at the Public Pier in Whale Park. Boys and girls, lads and lasses, and older gentlemen and ladies, -- who have been thinking of a life of piracy. On Tuesday , it's time to join up with the Pirates of the Dark Rose to keep the British from putting a stop to all the pirate fun when they attack the next day.

    We take apprentice pirates from six to sixty as long as they will look like a pirate on Wednesday. Need more information?